Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Credit Transfer & Exemptions

Credit Transfer

Some students may have completed some course work from other seminaries and Bible Colleges. If they wish to have these courses for credit transfer to Tyrannus Online seminary, they are to write in to the Principal at and submit a copy of their transcript or academic records.

In order to assess credit transfer information from other colleges and universities, the course subjects and curriculum are matched to the closest equivalent. No more than 50% of the Tyrannus Online Seminary syllabus may be replaced by credit transfer.


If an applicant already possessed a degree qualification upon enrollment, he or she will be required to take 90 credit hours (instead of the usual 108 credit hours) to complete the BTh program.

Similarly, if the above applicant chooses to complete the DipTh program, he or she will be required to take 60 credit hours (instead of the usual 72 credit hours).