Fee Structure

Fee Structure

Full Fee

The fee is RM600.00 per 4 credit hour subject or RM300.00 per 2 credit hour subject.

Note: The fee for credit and audit is the same.

Part Subsidized Fee

Tyrannus Online Seminary also provides scholarship in the form of subsidized fees for full-time church workers/pastors/Christian workers in a Christian NGO. This is at 50% of the normal fee.

Applicants should write to the principal at tyrannusoffice@gmail.com. They should state which status they are in and where they are currently serving. If needed, applicants may have to provide a written reference letter from the local church pastor or lay leader or Christian leader of the NGO.

Full Subsidized Scholarship

In certain deserving cases (e.g. students from developing Third World countries), applicants may apply for full subsidized scholarship. They are required to pay only 10% of the normal fees subject to the condition below.

Full scholarship holders are required to study and submit assessments for a minimum of 2 subjects per annum to maintain their status. This provides a degree of accountability to the person(s) or institution(s) sponsoring their studies, as well as to the students. If the above minimum requirement cannot be met, the scholarship may be terminated by the seminary. Exceptional cases will only be granted following an appeal letter of explanation and the principal’s approval.

Registration Fee

A one-time registration fee of RM100.00 is charged upon enrolment for the DipTh or BTh program. This fee is to cover administrative charges.

After taking two modules, a student will be asked to enrol on a program to continue with the studies.

Graduation Fee

This fee of RM50.00 will be charged in the future when the student is ready for graduation.

Miscellaneous Fee

Tyrannus will charge a small administrative fee for replacement of academic transcripts and certificates.