Lectures & Assignments

Lectures & Assignments

Online Program

Tyrannus Online Seminary runs all the modules for the DipTh and BTh on an online mode. Occasionally, physical classes may be held at the Tyrannus centre in Plaza Prima. Tyrannus students taking those classes for credit can transfer the credits to their online program.

The online modules run for approximately 14 weeks which constitute one term. There are 3 terms in a calendar year. In between each term there will be approximately 3-4 weeks for the student to finish writing the long assignment.

Each online module is assessed in the following way (some variations may occur depending on the facilitator):

  1. Submit written assessment after each lesson in the form of 2 questions (one review question and one application question). This constitutes 50% of the coursework.
  2. Go on the student online forum where to chat with the facilitator and fellow students over the module contents. This constitutes 10% of the coursework.
  3. Write one long assignment to be submitted by the end of the term. This constitutes 40% of the coursework.

Local Study Centres

A local study centre is usually held in a local church. It may run modules not offered by the Tyrannus online program. Students can take those classes and transfer the credits to their online program.

The mode of study may vary from centre to centre. Some may run weekly night classes or weekend classes or intensive classes over a few days.

The modules offered may be 2 or 4 credit hour courses. Information on these courses will be available on the Tyrannus website whenever available.