Mission Statement

Our Purpose and Vision

Tyrannus Online Seminary seeks to make theological education more accessible to the laypeople. It is our desire that lay Christians be equipped with a basic theological degree. The Tyrannus online program uses blended learning through online videos, podcasts, workbooks, student forum, faculty mentoring, and streaming videos. We are currently running the DipTh and BTh programs. As a basic degree, the Tyrannus BTh prepares and equips a Christian with sufficient theological training in order to serve in the local church or a Christian organization. After graduation, the person will be able to pursue further studies (e.g. the professional Master of Ministry degree or MMin) from elsewhere.

Seminary Logo

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The name ‘Tyrannus’ comes from the book of Acts chapter 19 verse 9: ‘… (Paul) withdrew from them, taking the disciples with him, and argued daily in the hall of Tyrannus.’ The apostle Paul spent two years in Ephesus teaching and grounding the Christian disciples with the Word and engaging in fruitful discussion with the local populace of Ephesus so that it is recorded that ‘all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks’ (v. 10). The seminary’s name reflects the same desire to teach and ground Christians everywhere with the Word so that they can eventually engage with the world at large.